Prince Kaybee clears the air on messy TNS fallout

Local producer Prince Kaybee, real name Kabelo Motsamai, cleared the air regarding allegations about his former co-producer TNS falling out over royalties and cheating. 

The "Banomoya" producer has come forward to tell his side of the story, with receipts, following claims by Sunday World over the weekend that the fallout between the two men was due to TNS sleeping with his former girlfriend behind his back. 

TNS, real name Nkazimulo Ngema, spoke to the publication and said that the disagreement started after the "Club Controller" producer heard that he hosted a party at his place where the supposed ex-girlfriend was in attendance. 

He also said that he knows who Prince Kaybee "main chick" is and thought the girl that was at his apartment was a "side chick".

The "My Dali" singer then claimed that Prince Kaybee was using this alleged cheating scandal as a way to cover the fact that he owes him money for royalties. 

Taking to Facebook on Monday, Prince Kaybee made a lengthy post refuting the claims made by TNS.

"I would like both the public and the media to know that the allegations made against me are false and they are spread by Nkazimulo Ngema with the intent to discredit my brand."

The "Charlotte"’ producer also gave a timeline of their working relationship saying that he helped TNS financially to kick start his career.  

"He lived in my home for the entire year in 2018 after he told me that he has no proper shelter, clothes or money to pursue his music. I took care of his life expense during this period and I can provide proof of the money spent on him," he said.

He also said that he gave TNS a car to help him with his music career along with hooking him up with studio equipment for recording.

Along with the post, Prince Kaybee shared receipts of servicing fee he paid for the car as well as payments made directly to TNS’ bank account. 

With regards to royalties, Prince Kaybee stated that "as a SAMRO registered artist, he will get his royalties from the authority when they make their periodic payments because he is credited as one of the co-producer of both ‘Club Controller’ & Banomoya’. I have no power to stop him from earning royalties because we are all paid individually by the music authority."

He further confirmed that TNS did have an affair with one of his previous girlfriends and said that this is the last time he will speak about the allegations. 

See the full statement below: 

princekaybee - Prince Kaybee clears the air on messy TNS fallout
107830922 - Prince Kaybee clears the air on messy TNS fallout
Kybeee - Prince Kaybee clears the air on messy TNS fallout
busiswa%20kaybee - Prince Kaybee clears the air on messy TNS fallout

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