Pretoria cops, clergymen unite to feed the homeless

Pretoria – Police in Sunnyside, east of Pretoria CBD, on Tuesday joined hands with local clergymen on a feeding and prayer programme targeting homeless people. 

"The police’s divine intervention programme was in full swing early this morning when the Sunnyside police teamed up with the local clergymen and prayed for, and fed buttered bread and tea to about 100 destitute persons at the St Michael’s Anglican Church," said Sunnyside police spokesperson, Captain Daniel Mavimbela.

"The heightening of the partnership between the Sunnyside police and the local churches comes as a result of an acknowledgement that some of the root causes of lawlessness are spiritual in nature and only with the help from the man above can such acts be reduced or eradicated."

Mavimbela recounted a recent case where a man, after killing his mother, reportedly told the police that he had been ordered by an evil spirit. 

"Most recently a 3-week-old baby was rescued by the police after she was found stashed inside a handbag on a street pavement. During this morning’s breakfast gathering at St Michael’s, Pastor Katleho Ncaphe pledged to moblise other local men of cloth to rally behind the police."

Pastor Ncaphe, who was leading the clergymen in the programme, said there will be a "prayer and cleansing ceremony" at Pretoria’s crime hotspots.

"Soon we will be leading prayer and cleansing ceremonies at all the known crime hotspots in our area. The devil shall be defeated. Crime must fall," said Pastor Ncaphe. 

The Sunnyside SAPS appealed to religious leaders to join the war against "the evil spirits and moral degeneration" in the highly populated area.

African News Agency (ANA)

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