Prepare for a snowy Thursday, Western Cape

Locals out there who thought they had missed their chance of catching the last of winter’s snow are in luck. Weather forecasters have predicted the final flurries of the season may fall this week. Snow is expected to reach the Western Cape on Thursday.

Approximately 9mm of rain will fall early on Thursday morning, and will turn into light dustings of snow as temperatures dip. A serious temperature drop is coming on Thursday. Strong winds can be expected with temperatures of -2°C on Thursday evening.

According to, Friday morning will bring temperatures of -2°C and dry freeze-thaw conditions. Closer to the weekend, winds are expected to become lighter.

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Between one – two centimetres of snow are expected on Thursday and locals are encouraged to make the journey to the Matroosberg Nature Reserve for the last snowy scenes of the season.

Please contact Matroosberg Nature Reserve before heading out.

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