Police probe actor Kenneth Nkosi for assault of 26-year-old woman

Johannesburg – The Johannesburg Central police are investigating a case of common assault against award-winning actor Kenneth Nkosi, who allegedly "violated" a woman at a Newtown club on Friday night. 

It is alleged that Nkosi, who has starred on films such as Five Fingers for Marseille and Leon Schuster’s Mad Buddies – assaulted a young women at the Black Ant Lounge in Newtown, Johannesburg, around 10pm on Friday night.  

A friend of the victim took to Twitter on Monday and tweeted that Nkosi had allegedly attacked the victim because she would not “give him attention”.  

“What I saw on Friday at BlackAnt Lounge in Newtown just after 10pm Kenneth Nkosi is an abuser, he assaulted someone I know because she refused to give him attention. Men are not used to rejection. He then followed her into the ladies restrooms… & continued violating her,” tweeted @PulyBeast.

She also tweeted a video where Nkosi was allegedly captured on film refusing to return the victim’s cellphone.  

Joburg police spokesperson Captain Xoli Mbele confirmed a 26-year-old woman had opened a case of common assault against the TV star. He said investigations were ongoing and no arrests had been made. 

The woman thanked social media for the support that was shown towards the victim and said she would not be withdrawing the charge. 

“Thank you to everyone who is concerned. We’ve opened a case and we are not withdrawing it. She’s so scared, but I’ve told her that we all got her, and she needs to stand up for herself and fight back and this is the only way,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile on Twitter, this is how people reacted to the news on Monday.


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