Police Confirm EFF Reported Possible Threat Against Malema

eff slap - Police Confirm EFF Reported Possible Threat Against Malema

The Police Ministry has confirmed to Eyewitness News that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) reported a possible threat against party leader Julius Malema.

However, it’s unclear when this report was made.

Warrant officer Johann Carstens was slapped by EFF Member of Parliament Marshal Dlamini during an altercation after the state of the nation address on Thursday evening.

The EFF has since come out to explain that the altercation came amid concerns about Malema’s security.

Parliamentary officials have condemned the incident, adding that they will study CCTV footage to find out exactly what happened.

But, the EFF’s Veronica Mente says Malema was manhandled by Carstens and prevented from exiting from the same door used by other parties.

“Why did they edit it and show the last part of the incident? Whoever released the video, why didn’t they show the security charging at the CIC because he was just going through like everyone else walking?”

Other parties including the Democratic Alliance have since reacted, saying they too were told to use another exit.

WATCH: EFF MP slaps an unidentified man in the post-Sona altercation

The EFF said that the altercation was a distraction for people to carry out an attack on Malema.

In a statement, the red berets say the Parliamentary Security Service has been infiltrated by right-wingers trying to kill its leader.

Mente said the Police Minister Bheki Cele is well informed of the danger posed on Malena’s life.

“Even on Thursday, he was still under the same security, but these attacks continue to change direction and angle because when they fail in their initial plan they try a new one. But everything else is in the hands of the police.”

Parliament, though, said that it did not receive any report of a security threat against any MP ahead of Thursday night’s Sona.

Parliament’s presiding officers say they are outraged and disappointed by the shameful conduct of EFF MP Marshall Dlamini, who has been caught on camera slapping a police officer, who was trying to prevent the lobby of the National Assembly from getting too crowded after MPs exited the chamber.

Parliamentary spokesperson Moloto Mothapo said: “As the presiding officers, we condemn in the strongest terms the behaviour of the EFF MP, which is inconsistent with what is expected of honourable Members of Parliament, who are supposed to be exemplary at all times.”

He said that Parliament takes security very seriously on this occasion.

“Parliament is a highly guarded area, especially during the State of the Nation Address. Appropriate security measures are in place because that’s one of the rare occasions, where the three arms of the state, very important guests and members of the public converge at the precinct of Parliament.”

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