Plants get high on nutrients

Stodels Nurseries, in conjunction with enOrmous Bud, have developed a bio-active food,  including one for optimal growth of cannabis seeds, seedlings and adult plants.
Nick Stodel, MD of Stodels Nurseries says, ‘Contrary to popular belief, Cannabis is not that  easy to grow. It’s a bit precious in terms of the kind of nutrients it needs at different stages  of development. As a Garden Centre , we are not legally allowed to sell Cannabis, but are  providing, through enOrmous Bud, a bio-active cell food which provides optimal inputs for  healthy microbes, soil and plants.’

Stodels will be providing customers with the means to cultivate and grow their own weed in three stages.

 Stage 1 – Germination

Customers will be able to buy the products they need to germinate their own seeds, this  includes germination trays soil and water sprayers, the soil is a special blend specifically  designed for the germination of seeds.

 Stage 2 – Seedling

Once customers have successfully germinated there seeds they can now buy special soil and  planting pots (Jiffy pots) to replant their seedlings into, at this stage, there is also a special  feeding involved.
 Stage 3 – from little plant to big plants 

When customers have grown there seedlings into small plants they can now replant them  into bigger pots and with this, we will also have the last stage of soil needs including the last  stage of feeding needed.

All 3 stages will be displayed on one stand for ease of customer use and we will also be  giving them brochures explaining how to cultivate and grow their own weed.
EnOrmous Bud says, ‘We have been developing the product for more than 10 years and now  that there is so much excitement about growing Cannabis, we are hoping to that it will get  people into gardening and growing their own veggies, fruit and herbs.’

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Stodels is running a competition for the most enOrmus Bud grown in South Africa this season.
Help in growing your own

We use the highest quality ecological inputs, with stringent attention to production detail  for our planet changing products. These are sustainable, harmonic and their positive effect  accumulates over time.
Simply put, enOrmus Bud is a bio-active cell food. Bio – as in life, active – for the tremendous  positive impact on cellular activity.

How does it work?

Plants provide sugars to the microbial life (in soil and on leaves) in exchange for minerals  and other nutrients. These sugars are magically produced by plants converting pure sunlight  into matter , and feeds the soil below in beautiful symbiosis.

As a bio-active cell food, enOrmus Bud nourishes these microbes and fungi, providing a  broad spectrum mineral complex (over 80 in fact), masterfully blended together with fulvic  and humic acids and natural plant hormones. 

enOrmus Bud minerals are concentrated from pristine salts and alchemically transformed  into their Orme or m-state, making these essential and rare minerals bio-available and  beneficial for all cellular life.

Healthy plants require healthy soils. 

enOrmus Bud soils are custom made from scratch to  suit and support the three major stages of plant growth: germination/seedling, vegetative  and flowering/fruiting. The enOrmus Bud soils contain awesome diversity and stimulate  intense cooperation between microbial life (from earthworm compost tea), humus , clay, a  wide spectrum of minerals, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur.

Nothing else is needed to grow awesome quality bud and seeds from the exceptional  healing plant Cannabis and its close variant Hemp. By adding the occasional soil drench  and/or leaf spray of enOrmus Bud, the biological vitality of the enOrmus Bud soils will be  maintained by feeding the microbial life in the soils and on the plant leaves with the super  concentrated alchemical extract!
Stodels is running a competition for the most enOrmus Bud grown in South  Africa this season. 

Entry closes 30 May and more details can be found on the website,  www.

Gardening has never been such fun….

Stodel says you can buy Cannabis seeds online at
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