Pearl Modiadie puts troll in place during heated ‘Teddy’ debate

The latest episode of Mzansi Magic’s popular show “Gomora” stirred off a heated debated on Twitter.

The drama started when Teddy battled to pronounce a few English terms during a school debate and his classmates burst in laughter.

Teddy, played by rising star Sicelo Buthelezi, who won the hearts of many South Africans the moment he walked into our living rooms when the show debuted a few months ago.

Teddy is the sweetheart of the show. He is not too smart. He failed Grade 9 two years running and eventually got pushed through.

He struggles with reading and doesn’t have a great memory.

Much of this can be attributed to his mother Zodwa (Sana Mchunu), who drank while she was pregnant with him.

She is now a recovering alcoholic who always reminds Teddy that he is slow.

Wednesday’s episode of “Gomora” left many viewers, including radio and television presenter Pearl Modiedie, hot under the collar.

“Can Teddy just be allowed to debate in his home language? #Gomora. I get so upset when people who aren’t fluent in English are made fun of,” tweeted Modiadie.

To which someone replied and said: ”Chill, it an act, accompanied by rolling eyes face emoji.”

The Metro FM presenter did not take lightly to the statement, hitting back at the troll, she said: “This is a positive space my babe… we don’t speak to each other like that on this timeline of mine.

“I know it’s a show & art often imitates life and vice versa. Now either you disagree respectfully or unfollow my opinions.”

Many viewers however shared Modiedie’s sentiments, with some sharing their own personal stories.”

Below are some of the social media reactions:

“I know the pain of being laughed by other children’s during debate time,” said Mlondi.

“My young brother is exactly like Teddy and I love him, support him because I know he might struggle with Dyslexia but his so good with other things I struggle with.

“Let’s support, courage and love them as much as we can Red heart #gomoramzansi #Gomora,” commented Lusanda Somdaka.

“What’s Happening To Teddy Happened To Some Of Us At School That’s A Reality…..I Feel For Him,” added Phineas Tlhabane.

Catch “Gomora” on Mzansi Magic, DStv channel, 161, weekdays at 7:30pm.

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