‘Pass The Beat’ from the Philippines to Mzansi

On Sunday, May 3, Bacardi is bringing isolated fans together from around the world through their virtual "Pass The Beat" party at home.

Bacardi will be hosting a virtual party together with major artists and performers from the Philippines, India and South Africa to spread the party spirit with fans in their own home arenas – uniting them together once more – and getting them moving again.

The “Pass The Beat” experience will go live on Instagram LIVE on Sunday afternoon with each artist hosting a live DJ set before they "Pass The Beat"  to the next party starter. The beat will start in the Philippines with DJ @alissonshore at 12.30pm (SA time) and move over to 5 other Philippine-based DJs, who will pass the beat across to India (across 5 different DJs), who will then finally pass the beat over to South Africa. 

South African Hip-Hop DJ, DJ Speedsta will take over the beat and kick off the SA leg at 6pm on Sunday. He’ll pass it over to Ganja Beatz at 6.30pm, followed by DBN Gogo at 7pm and Amapiano favourite Scorpion Kings will take the beat home for SA from 7.30pm to 8.10pm. 

Don’t miss our energetic supporters as well, Bontle Modiselle and Sne Mbatha who’ll be helping the artists and SA to keep the beat alive and to #DoWhatMovesYou.

South Africa, it’s time to kick off those sweatpants and leave your couch to #DoWhatMovesYou.  Tell your friends, join the party, and let’s #PassTheBeat on to keep us connected and in high spirits. 
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nadia - 'Pass The Beat' from the Philippines to Mzansi

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