Panic as unexpected mamba slides through garage

Durban – It was a real case of panic mechanic in Durban this week when a black mamba slid past Eugene Payne while he was under a vehicle replacing a gearbox. 

Payne, who was at his workplace in Avoca late on Tuesday evening, said he was working under the vehicle when he heard a slithering sound next to him. “It was about half a metre away. 

I put the gearbox down and pulled out of there as fast as possible. I think the mamba was looking for a place to hide because there were fireworks going off,” said Payne. 

He kept a close eye on his unexpected visitor, which had slithered under a box. Durban snake catcher, Nick Evans, who arrived on the scene, said the mamba was about 2.3m long and had oil patches all the way down its body. 

“It was an easy catch because I just had to pick up the box. “I wiped off the oil with a warm wet cloth,” he said. 

And even though the weather has been cool with a lot of rain this week, Evans had been busy with call outs, including a call to deal with a 3m-plus

He said the large snake was crossing the road and out of fear for children, some residents had been throwing rocks at it. 

A municipal worker who had attended an educational talk given by Evans just last week, saw what was happening and, with another local, protected the python until Evans got there. 

“When I picked the python up, I could see it was very swollen. I took it for x-rays and it was full of eggs,” he said. 

Evans said mating season for snakes started in September and that pythons will be laying eggs during November and December.

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