‘Our lives changed in a few minutes’

DURBAN: WHEN a Bluff father saw his wife drop to the ground after being shot, he asked: “Is this really happening to us?”
Tomorrow, Orson Parsons will come face to face in court with the two men who allegedly shot and killed his wife, Bianca, on February 24 in a case of mistaken identity.

Parsons, 36, was buying cold drinks from a service station convenience store on Quality Street in Wentworth, while Bianca, 32, sat in their parked car. She was shot from behind.

The couple’s then 3-year-old daughter was asleep on the back seat.

Darryl Morrison, 33, and Christopher Houston, 26, both from Wentworth, south of Durban, have been charged with murder and attempted murder.

CCTV footage allegedly placed both Morrison and Houston at the scene when Bianca was killed.

In May, Houston was denied bail and Morrison elected to abandon his application. The safety of witnesses from the community and those who were at the service station at the time of the shooting was the reason the State objected to bail for the accused.

With the trial set down for three weeks, Parsons, who works as an oil refinery technician, knows that at some point during proceedings he will be called to testify about the incident that changed his life.

Since Bianca’s death Parsons and his daughter, who started pre-school last week, have felt the loss extremely. “I don’t know how I made it this far without Bianca.”

Parsons said he wished they hadn’t made the stop for cold drinks on the day in question, after returning from an outing with friends in Durban North.

“That Caltex garage that we stopped at is reputed to be safer than the other service station in our area. I just wish we hadn’t gone there.”

As a he walked out of the shop, he heard what sounded like “fireworks” and then a scream.

“It was Bianca, I could see she got out of the car. I think she didn’t want our daughter to see she was shot.

“Can this really be happening? I asked myself.” Parsons said the feeling of hopelessness began to set-in when he saw his wife fall to the ground.

“I was frantic. Out of desperation, I yelled to someone to call the paramedics. The 15 to 20-minute wait for an ambulance seemed like an eternity.

“Bianca was bleeding profusely from her back. I tried to stem the flow of blood, but I couldn’t see where it oozed from. “I cried out: ‘Lord help us’.” When a paramedic declared Bianca dead at the scene, Parsons said he was overwhelmed by emotion.

He described Bianca, who worked as an accountant, as a hard- working, kind, giving and a strong-willed person.

“We had plans to buy our own home by the end of last year. I was on the verge of securing a job overseas so that she could resign from work and devote her time to raising our child. “But in the space of a few minutes, Bianca was taken from us and our dreams were shattered.”

He said his daughter still asks for “mummy” and such times are usually the hardest moments for him.

“We were out recently, and at a wishing well, my daughter wished for her mother to come back. She made the same request from Santa.

“Her first day at pre-school last week was really tough. All the other kids were there with them mums.

“I try not to cry when I’m with my child.”


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