OPINION: Together we can fight this … in isolation

NORTH, south, east, west, Covid-19 has put humanity to the test.

Now is the time for people to come together, and show leadership and discipline to overcome an unfortunate worldwide pandemic.

Little did I realise the significance of last week’s events. One must always count their blessings and cherish those that love you and moments that show you the true meaning of life. This Sangoma is practising some isolation, whilst continuing to practise being hygienic, which is something that has rubbed off on me prior to Covid-19, from a pure soul, brought up impeccably.

The unfortunate part of all of this is the social distancing; limiting of movements, closing time of social areas, and the trickle down effect that will have on world economies.

Sitting at home watching old movies, series shows and reality television is entertaining, but can only be done for so long. Also, what odds on a baby boom around Christmas, after a lack of distancing between partners?

The issue, of course, is that we have no genuine rush of adrenaline from watching sports. There is nothing much better than watching your team competing at the highest level on the box, especially when they win. In sickness and in health we said, but none of us figured the cororonavirus would do us part.

Incredibly, there are some sports still going on. The Australian Football League, horse racing and the National Rugby League are still on the go.

Didn’t Tom Hanks catch it whilst in Australia? If they ever make a movie on the virus, he has to be the leading man. He is always caught up in travelling movie dramas, and the coronavirus must have felt a bit like life imitating art.

Speaking of drama, our Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa was nuts when he thought games could happen behind closed doors. Maybe he is a desperate Chiefs fan with a ticket to the end of season bash. The 4 April resumption target is also pie in the sky. If the penny didn’t drop after this week’s events around the world, then it will never drop!

There have been huge financial losses in sports already. A whole clay season on the ATP and WTA is cancelled. Formula 1 races are in disarray. All rugby union and football leagues, cricket, the whole lot which requires travel, have been halted.

Sponsors, hotels, airlines, travel agents, freelancers and of course journalists amongst many other trades, will take a big knock from these cancelled events.

Creativity is key, but unfortunately in sports, you need an opponent to play with. Unless it’s gaming, but we don’t consider this sport just yet. It is an avenue you punters can look at getting into, taking a punt and watching humans watching a screen, playing with make believe objects, controlling them from a chair.

Yep. Different, but where else are you gonna get your cheap thrills?

There are also social media challenges involving toilet rolls. It’s come to this already. Kunzima.

Meanwhile, mosques and churches are being closed, after schools, universities and businesses did the same during the week. Easter services are next in other words, praying together is being suspended. That’s a first in modern history, and a lifetime event the world will never forget.

The anxiety is growing in the country. How long before it explodes?

The economy will be hit hard, jobs will be lost, salaries may not be paid. Humanity is being called upon to be as one.

This virus has no name, no race, no age, and together we can get through this. Prayer, diligence, discipline, and responsibility are key at this time. Let’s do this together, in isolation.


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