Nigerian singer Mr Dutch drops new single and video, ‘Better Soup’

Nigerian musician Mr Dutch has just released his latest single, "Better Soup," which is a taste of his upcoming EP. 

One of my very first questions was about the name of the song. Before our interview, I tried figuring out what exactly he was referring to and why he would call a song "Better Soup." Turns out it’s actually very simple, the name comes from describing a African woman and was inspired by the many edible soups in Nigeria. 

"In Eastern Nigeria, better soup is actually a term we use to describe many different things that we think are good. It could be anything, a car, a person and definitely an actual soup. It also means that if you want good things you have to spend money to get it. In the context of my song, I am saying if you want a beautiful African woman you have to pay. Buy her fancy things and make sure you spoil her to get better soup," he said. 

The single is also inspired by the Igbo culture and its genre of high life music. "Many musicians from the past would say this so it’s like paying homage to them. In the song, I even say “better soup na money kill em yeah” which is Nigerian Pidgin English." 

The single was recorded in Cape Town, where Mr Dutch is based. The star described the sound of the single as a mix of Afrobeats and high life but also said that he was working towards creating his own unique sound. "I think a lot of people we associate it with Afrobeats which is okay because there are those elements but this single is also me moving into creating my own unique sound and I think listeners will pick up on that," he said. 
Mr Dutch will be releasing a EP soon. "For the longest time, I concentrated on my business which was running my own record label so I was doing a lot of collaborations, now I can focus on myself and release my own music that has its own distinct sound," he said. 
He said that his future endeavours will ensure that people understand him better as an artist. "There are a couple of messages my EP will have. I want people to get to know me better and I want to break some misconceptions people might have," he said. 
MrDpic1 - Nigerian singer Mr Dutch drops new single and video, 'Better Soup'

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