NGO to paint SA red to highlight the plight of struggling artists

Non-profit organisation is set to paint South Africa red to highlight the plight of struggling artists.

Like many businesses in the country, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the entertainment industry, too.

With live shows and festivals cancelled, many local musicians have been left without any income.

The South African technical production and live events industry, under the Light SA Red movement, is calling for the government to ease the lockdown restrictions and allow artists to work again.

The strict lockdown regulations and restrictions have forced many entertainment companies to shut their doors.

The people that supply equipment for events have been left with no choice but to close down, too. Venues that host gigs, cinemas and theatre houses are still not operational.

Although the government gave cinemas and theatre houses the green light to open, many chose to remain closed due to the strict regulations still in place.

“If something is not done to help the industry survive during the lockdown when we are allowed to go out again, there will be nowhere to go,” said Light SA Red spokesperson Sharif Baker.

Baker is urging all South Africans to paint the country red on Wednesday, August 5.

“We will be lighting up buildings, monuments and stages in red as an emergency signal that our industry is in severe distress and we need your help.

“If you see a building in your area lit up, please take a pic and #LightSAred on your social media,” Baker added.

He continued: “Find a picture of you and your peep at a jol, and repost it, using the #LightSAred or light up your home in red.”

On the objective of this initiative, Baker explained: “Our primary objective is to have a seat at the table with government and discuss a way forward, especially as of our re-opening guidelines protocol prepared by our events safety council.

“However, in the short and medium terms to gain financial assistance as well as relief via an extension of either TERS (Temporary Employee / Employer Relief Scheme and UIF ( Unemployment Insurance Fund).”

Elaborating on the symbolic meaning behind lighting up a building in red, Baker said: “Red is the international colour of emergency!

“And as we see our situation as an emergency it is only but apt that the “Symbolic Resistance” of illuminating buildings in red will gain the attention needed.”

For more information, follow the Light SA Red Facebook.

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