Nataniël serenades fans in his latest show

Today is your last chance to see ‘Nataniël: 
The Love Collection’ at Roodeport theatre. Debashine Thangevelo chatted to the enigmatic entertainer

Best place for a first date in the city? Never had a date.

Best meal you’ve had in Joburg, that’s not at home? Korma at food-writer Mariëtte Crafford’s house in Westdene, years ago. Also, one private birthday dinner at the Aurelia’s at Emperors Palace. 

What local song can’t you stop listening to? My new one; filming my first music video in 14 years. 

And what local TV show are you loving right now? No TV in my house at the moment; needed the shelf for new books. 

What’s the last South African movie you watched? Aanslag op Kariba in 1974.

And the last stage play? Something at the Market Theatre. One of my friends was naked in it. Can’t remember the title. Can’t remember anything. Still in therapy. 

When was the last time you attended a music concert/festival and who was performing? Charl du Plessis playing Gershwin with the orchestra in the Linder. 
What’s your earliest memory of Joburg? Staying in Hillbrow and performing at the Black Sun.

If you were mayor for the day, what would you do? Clean, clean and clean.

Your favourite hangout spot in the city? Hyde Park Corner.

The best-kept secret in the city? I’m the only virgin. 

Where is the best place to let your hair down? I have no hair.

Who do you call when you want to have fun and where in the city do you go? I call friends and fun happens at somebody’s home. I travel and go out for a living so an off-day is sacred and is usually spent alone or with a friend. Browsing in fabrics shops at the Oriental Plaza with a group of friends is a much loved ritual. 

Your favourite coffee shop? Breezeblock Cafe in Brixton. 

Favourite place to shop at in Joburg? Hyde Park Corner

Vilakazi Street (Soweto), Maboneng Precinct (Johannesburg CBD), Menlyn (Pretoria) or 4th Avenue (Parkhurst). Which do you prefer and why? 4th Avenue. There’s food!

Which is your favourite market in Joburg and why? I don’t do markets. 

Which building in Joburg would you love 
to own and why? There’s 
a new very high building 
near Midrand on the Ben Schoeman, when we drive 
past it at night it is beautiful 
to look at. 

Which building would you like to be locked in overnight and why? Johannesburg Art Museum. 

What’s the one thing people need to stop doing in the city? Being arrogant. I often find Johannesburg the least friendly city in the country. Sorry. 
Where is the best view of Joburg? From the Westcliff Hotel. 

Best place for a nightcap? Don’t drink, sorry. 

What’s the one thing that differentiates Joburg from other cities in SA? The extremes between poverty and wealth, ugliness and beauty, privacy and chaos, old and new, all the contrasts. 

Where would you suggest first-time visitors to the city go to get the best experience of the city? Are you kidding? One of my shows.

Lastly, how do you spend your Sunday? In silence at home. I work or travel all the time. My house is the best place in the world. 


SMNATANIEL - Nataniël serenades fans in his latest show
110833309 - Nataniël serenades fans in his latest show
D8URKN9UEAAbdSI - Nataniël serenades fans in his latest show

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