Nail Me salon urged to close Eastgate branch after viral video

Johannesburg – South Africans have flocked to the social media page of Nail Me salon after purported abusive treatment of staff in a viral video. 

Some are calling on the Nail Me brand to shutdown its operation at the Eastgate Shopping Centre after a video depicting a salon owner using abusive language and physically being confrontational with staff shocked the general public. 

Videos emerged on social media this week, purportedly showing the shop owner being foul-mouthed with her staff. It is understood that one of the staff members secretly recorded the owner as she went on a F-bomb tirade, with at least two female staffers being subjected to abuse.  

In one incident, the owner even insulted one of the staffer’s mothers. 

 “Go shout at your f%$#&en mother. Don’t shout at me, f&*k off man,” said the shop owner. 

 In another incident, the owner is seen confronting an employee who has been at the loo for 20 minutes. 

“Where have you been? The toilet for f&^*#n 20minutes and there is only two people here,” she scolds. 

She is then seen calling for an impromptu staff meeting with her employees. 

The mall has condemned her behaviour and said it did not condone it. The centre management said it did not associate with the type of behaviour on display in the viral video. 

 “From our side as the shopping centre, we are aware of the incident, but we cannot give any comment outside of saying we are waiting to hear from the owner and her lawyers,” said Alana Hoskin, a marketing manager for the Eastgate Shopping Centre. 

Calls to the owner remained unsuccessful on Thursday. 

The Nail Me brand has not issued a statement regarding the incident. 

On Facebook, South Africans flocked to the page – with some calling on the brand to shut down it’s Eastgate operation, while others described it as a sh** hole.





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