Mzansi celebs weigh in on the Bible being patriarchal debate

Local media personality Boity sparked a heated debate on Monday regarding the Bible and Christianity.

“Isono“ actor Rami Chuene weighed in on the matter stating that modern-day Christians would have not ”understood, tolerated nor accepted“ Jesus Christ himself.

Furthermore, Chuene said that Christians do things in his name that Christ wouldn’t entertain.

She also added that that he wouldn’t even be bothered by isiphandla, a bracelet made from animal skin for cultural purposes, ending the tweet by saying that he wasn’t even a Christian.

Penny Lebyane also shared her thoughts concerning Boity’s tweet calling the Bible “the epitome of patriarchy“ and said: ”Its a tool to entrench patriarchy in the church and people who go to church don’t get it.

“They will miss what u are saying because of your chosen spiritual journey. I agree with u and have said before. I’m glad u stood up #BoityTellingTruths (sic)”.

Furthermore, responding to a comment by another user saying other people lack critical thinking when commenting about religion, Lebyane said: “Critical thinking is important to take us forward as a people unfortunately not all of want to be better people, learn from our past, evolve, heal our trauma,change our ways and move understanding. Thina we are gone to the land of the free. Leave them.”

Following the ongoing debate, Boity did clarify that religion is a personal journey.

She said: “Look man, I’ve gone through the religious journey. Went to church. I read the book. Found little to no form of representation in there. Not race, barely gender, not a name, not much. I was left with more questions than connection. And then I found my way👏. Each to their own.“

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