Moshidi Motshegwa confirms ‘The River’ exit

Moshidi Motshegwa confirmed that she will not be part of the 1Magic’s telenovela "The River" season 2.

Speaking to Azania Mosaka on Friday, Motshegwa revealed that the directors and producers told her at the end of the first season that her role has come to an end. 

"I am not on "The River" anymore, I’m not on the second season, my contract ended last year," she said.

She continued to share some of her best moments on the show.

"That household…what we did was improv. We took the stage and put it on TV. Half the time, we’d crack up over the things we used to say to each other. I think we got away with taking the off-air stuff and putting it on air, we went unfiltered. We were just like remo lekeisheneng, re dula mo mokhukhung (loosely translated we are in the township, we stay in a shack)… this is the life. Areyeng. "

Motshegwa spoke highly of her cast members especially her on-screen children Matshepo Sekgopi who dazzled on’s "Z’bondiwe" and Presley Chweneyagae of the Academy award-winning ‘Tsotsi’ fame.

"They are the best cast that I have ever worked with. And I am talking now about (my on screen) family, especially Matshepo le Presley. They held me. It’s so wonderful to work with actors that if you give something, they’re there with you. 

"And there were days where it’s tough, we have such big story arcs, that are heavy emotionally, you know, that other side of Blackness that we don’t talk about. And, I could just look, and I knew they were with me. Sometimes there is God, and that is what happened," she said.

She continued: "I used to say to them, may we representative Black life in its truthfulness. I said we owe it to the audience. If we were politicians, then the audience would be our constituency. Our audiences are not stupid". 

The veteran actress is vying for the Saftas’ Best Actress award against Sindi Dlathu and Jo- Anne  Reyneke.

"The wonderful thing about awards I have come to understand is that the nomination itself is bigger than the award because it means that people recognised you.

And I think in the work we do, in the conditions we do it, recognition is important."

Motshegwa has appeared in numerous television shows including "Rhythm City," "Gaabo Motho", "Flat 27," "Justice For All," "Joburg Blues," "Behind the Badge," "Ke Nnako," "SOS," "Hillside," "The Lab" and "Jozi H".


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TheRiver - Moshidi Motshegwa confirms 'The River' exit

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