More people live in formal housing versus informal housing – Stats SA

Cape Town – The Statistics SA general household survey released last week shows that more people live in formal housing compared to informal housing.

The largest percentage of households that lived in dwellings that were either paid off or being occupied rent-free were found in Limpopo (82.1%) and the Eastern Cape (78.3%) while the smallest percentages were observed in Gauteng (50.9%) and the Western Cape (55.4%).

Although the percentage of households that have received some kind of government subsidy to access housing has increased from 5.6% in 2002 to 13.6% by last year, 13.1% of households were still living in informal dwellings. 

Provincial Human Settlements spokesperson Muneera Allie said: “The province has been working hard to deliver formal housing to residents and this can be seen in the fact that the number of people living in formal housing in the Western Cape increased between 2017 (78.6%) and last year (79.1%). The province strives to provide a wide variety of housing options that cater for different levels of the market. This is being achieved through a number of catalytic housing projects, and new affordable housing projects in the pipeline.

“Over 100000 people have received title deeds to properties across the Western Cape since 2009, reducing asset poverty by ensuring that beneficiaries are home owners.”

Allie said the department aimed to complete another 105 500 housing opportunities by 2022.


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