Mom of murdered Forest High pupil arrives in court to face alleged killer

Johannesburg – The mother of the Forest High school pupil who was stabbed to death, allegedly by a fellow pupil, arrived in court on Wednesday morning draped in a blanket and looking defeated.

The woman, who was accompanied by relatives for support, was in court to attend the first appearance of the 20-year-old suspect who is also alleged to have stabbed two other pupils, injuring them.

The Grade 11 pupil faces two charges of attempted murder and one of murder.

The fatal incident, which is said to be gang related, took place outside the school’s premises on Monday morning after the first exam session. 

It is believed that the brawl was due to an ongoing feud between two dominant rival gangs, South Top Kids and Italian Destruction Vele. 

Pupils at the school alleged that the gang members were operating in and outside of the school.

After the stabbings and the killing, MEC Panyaza Lesufi visited the school. 

Police who were looking for the suspect after the incident highlighted that the pupil had given the school an incorrect address which made it difficult for them to locate him at first.

The culprit, who is now in custody, was later found in Dobsonville, Soweto.  

Schooling was canceled by the department after the murder while exams were also put on hold.

The two injured school boys have since been discharged. 

According to the Department of Education’s spokesperson Steve Mabona, the school gave an inaccurate report with regards to the victim’s ages.

"All the victims are 16, but the perpetrator’s age is correct, he is 20," said Mabona.

Court did not commence immediately as they were still waiting for the socket to arrive. 

Many Forest High pupils were also in court. 

The family of the Daniel Bakwela, who was stabbed to death, told The Star that they were still organising funeral arrangements which were proving to be a bit difficult especially because they were foreign nationals. 

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IMG 21965 15136 - Mom of murdered Forest High pupil arrives in court to face alleged killer

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