#Mokgoroinquiry: Mrwebi Defends Decision On Mdluli’s Corruption Charges

mokgoro - #Mokgoroinquiry: Mrwebi Defends Decision On Mdluli’s Corruption Charges

PRETORIA – Advocate Lawrence Mrwebi has stuck to his claim that there was no case against the former head of crime intelligence Richard Mdluli, despite the mountain of evidence being read out to him.

Mrwebi defended his decision to withdraw the case against Mdluli during his cross-examination at the Mokgoro Inquiry on Thursday.

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Despite the High Court ruling that the decision was unlawful, the lieutenant general has still been prosecuted on fraud and corruption charges.

Evidence leader advocate Nazreen Bawa read through the docket in the Mdluli matter and summarised the 49 documents which set out a case for corruption.

But the evidence was not enough to convince Mrwebi.

Bawa asked Mrwebi: “This is a transaction of a trading of a car belonging to Mdluli and we see that money is being used for that. And we know from the provisional charge sheet that is categorized as an unlawful gratification. Correct?” Mrwebi agreed with Bawa’s statement.

Bawa further asked him: “And you still stand by your evidence that there was nothing to link Mdluli to the transaction?”

“Absolutely, absolutely madam,” Mrwebi responded.

Mrwebi says he studied the entire docket and found no evidence against Mdluli contrary to the findings of several other prosecutors and investigators.


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