Mmatema Moremi is married, ‘call me Mrs G’

Television presenter and singer Mmatema Moremi, who recently joined’s "Rhythm City", revealed on social media that she is married.

Taking to Instagram, the ‘Rhythm City’ actress posted a photograph of herself donning signature Sepedi traditional attire, accompanied by a video where she can be seen sitting on the floor, while the elders sing and dance in what looks like a traditional ceremony to welcome the new bride.

In the video, one of the elders is heard ululating and hailing the new Mrs Gavu as “a beautiful flower”.

“Ke tšerwe ka amogelwa lapeng le botse la ga Gavu (I have been taken and welcomed by the beautiful Gavu family). You can call me Mrs G,” she captioned the post.

"I am married. #MrsG #kelerato," she wrote.

The Limpopo-born singer plays Valentine, a daughter of a domestic worker from The Vaal. Valentine is a seductress with ambition and nothing solid to offer. 

Catch Mmatema on Rhythm City weekdays at 7pm.

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