Minnie Dlamini amped to host #SunMet again

Minnie Dlamini will co-host the Sun Met horseracing event alongside Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt at Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town on Saturday.

We chatted to Dlamini ahead of the event to gain insight into what she expecting and working alongside Bolt.

Speaking about her hosting the event last year, Dlamini said it was the best Met in her five years of attending the event

Bolt is the sponsor’s chief entertainment officer and Dlamini only had good things to say regarding the Olympian, adding that unlike most international stars booked for South African gigs, Bolt embraced the spirit of Africa and the Met.

G.H Mumm became the official alcohol for the Met three years ago and Dlamini says getting them on board with Bolt as the co-emcee had elevated the event.

Regarding Bolt, Dlamini said: “He’s very cool and not standoffish”, adding he was an “open person and a joy to work with”.

Since becoming a G.H. Mumm ambassador, Dlamini has had numerous experiences with the brand.

Two of the opportunities came when she took a trip to Paris, France in September. Dlamini and Bolt drank champagne in zero gravity where G.H Mumm manufactured a special bottle that could be popped in zero gravity.

She also visited the French brand’s wine farm with the trip coincided with her one-year anniversary with her husband Quinton Jones, where Dlamini was able to celebrate the special day with her husband in the capital.

Dlamini said she was looking forward to seeing how race-day goers interpreted the “Precious Metals“ theme.

While she was excited about want designer Gert-Johan Coetzee would be making for her, she was looking forward to seeing K Naomi – if she does attend.

The TV personality has had a good fashion year.

Tickets for the Sun Met are available at TicketPro from R150.

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