Meet the man behind the #uMjoloWithAzola

Many hashtags fill our timelines on the daily and one of these is the Sunday trending hashtag, #uMjoloWithAzola

The man behind the tag, Azola Mlota is a Public Relations specialist and he says he saw an opportunity to simply connect people.  With many joining in the fun, he finds most people are simply looking for love and women mostly respond. 

“80% of women participate the most and of course, men get attracted by them so, in terms of who we get the most response from, it’s men. I notice this because some of these women take screenshots asking me for advice on whether to respond or ignore that particular person. The average age is the Mid to late 20s.”

Wondering if the tag takes away from conventional human interaction – of meeting someone in person? Mlota says normal interactions will always be there. 

“#uMjoloWithAzola is just going with the times (the age of social media) and making it easier for people rather than allowing your data to run out quickly because of that particular dating website you are in.” 

He said the tag was created with the aim of simply connecting people quicker, while they do advance their communication to possibly meet up and go on dates.

On whether he’d like for this to become more than a hashtag, he’d like the tag to grow on bigger platforms by God’s grace, he is the one who will decide about future. The social media influencer says creating good content is all that matters for genuine interaction with your followers

“Once you maintain good content, you get an awesome response, resulting in more people following you because of your content. Consistency about your content creates a long-lasting relationship with the people following you,” adds Mlota.

#uMjoloWithAzola trends every Sunday on Twitter. Link up, join in; who knows, you may meet someone! 
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