MEC praises law enforcement agencies as ‘Okae Molao’ bites back

PORT ELIZABETH – Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, has welcomed the successful integrated law enforcement operations that netted eleven wanted suspects at the weekend in Pretoria West, Atteridgeville and Pretoria Central, in Tshwane.

Operation ‘Okae Molao’, which was launched on Friday morning, has led to the arrests of several suspects for illegal activities such as drug dealing, hijacked buildings, unroadworthy vehicles, second hand goods, undocumented foreign nationals and illegal liquor outlets, the MEC said in a statement on Monday.

A road block on Quagga Road, Pretoria West, in which 407 people and 315 vehicles were searched, saw Aarto fines issue to the value of  R14,500, while 17 minibus taxis were impounded and fines of R2,500 (a total of R42,500) imposed on all of them with the assistance of the Gauteng Traffic Police.

Six premises selling second hand goods were also raided and fines to the value of R6,000 were issued during the operation. 

"The Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (Icasa) seized electronic equipment to the value of R15,000 due to non-compliance and the South Africa Revenue Service (SARS) seized 2,310 packets of illegal cigarettes to the value of R116,200," the statement said.

Nine people were arrested for drug possession and two others for drug dealing, while seven undocumented foreign nationals were also arrested, while three liquor outlets were closed due to non-compliance.

Law enforcement agencies involved in the operation included the SAPS, Tshwane Metro Police Department, Gauteng Traffic Police, Department of Home Affairs, Sars and Icasa.

"The second part of operation ‘Okae Molao’ was also conducted on the same day in the evening at the City of Tshwane, Sunnyside at 8pm to 4am to address the community members’s concerns such as the mushrooming liquor outlets, drunken driving, contact and property related crimes and by-law enforcement."

Liquor outlets and entertainment spots that were raided, fined and/or closed included Danny K pub, Yankee’s tavern, Top Lifestyle and Her Majesty restaurant, and six suspects were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. 

A team of detectives also arrested eleven wanted suspects during the raid.

“The province has in the past been hit hard by the scourge of crime and the integrated law enforcement operations augur well in our quest to deal decisively with drugs, second hand goods trading, illegal liquor outlets, hijacked buildings, unroadworthy vehicles as well as drinking and driving," Nkosi-Malobane said. 

"It is critical that community members through community policing forums and law enforcement agencies work together in bringing the scourge to a halt," she said.

"We will continue to stamp our authority as the state to ensure that law and order is maintained. I also commend the integrated work by Gauteng law enforcement agencies in dealing decisively with all illegal activities. 

"This demonstrates that the efforts of the Gauteng Law Enforcement Agencies Forum (Gleaf) to coordinate integrated policing in the province is bearing fruit,” Nkosi-Malobane said.

African News Agency (ANA)

Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi Malobane - MEC praises law enforcement agencies as ‘Okae Molao’ bites back

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