Malema slams delegates who kneeled before him

Johannesburg –  Never kneel before anyone and never personalise the revolution. These were the words uttered by the EFF’s leader Julius Malema after de lagates spontaneously went close the stage to kneel and sing a song praising Malema following his opening address on Saturday.

"Stop looking for people from somewhere like those people who came here singing and kneeling down here in front of me and the officials and then the papers write that Malema is a cult, people are kneeling before him as if I asked them to kneel before me. I never asked you to kneel before me. Don’t kneel before me I don’t want that."

"No human being must kneel before another human being, it’s not possible. You will do those things of kneeling in front of Bushiri because some of you even thank him for taking you to parliament. I am not your father."

He said that members ‘personalised’ politics and when they were removed from positions they had difficulty accepting outcomes.

"Why is the EFF removing me, it’s not papa’s position, it’s a position of the revolution and can be taken away from you, once you personalise and pray about it, tell your wife and kids and then it becomes a family problem," he said.
African News Agency
GR EFF second national42 - Malema slams delegates who kneeled before him

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