Makeup ideas to get the ‘Precious Metals’ look for the #SunMet

Ladies, the Sun Met is only two days away and I would like to think that your outfit is sorted.

Whether you’re keeping your outfit simple or going all the way over the very top, no look is complete without a full face beat. 

I asked international professional makeup artist, Raine Tauber, to share a few makeup ideas on how to get a "Precious Metals" look regardless of your outfit.

“I absolutely love the theme for this year’s Sun Met. It couldn’t be more on trend in terms of makeup inspiration. On the runways this season we have seen an obsession with metallic just grow from foiled lips at Moschino to full glitter faces at Giambatista Valli. This is a trend that I don’t see going away anytime soon” says Raine.

Subtle: if loud makeup isn’t your thing then there is still a very easy way you can let this theme carry through into your make up for this Sun Met. I’d recommend adding an accent of metal to a pared-down face in the form of a metallic liquid liner. How big it goes is up to you.

liquidliner - Makeup ideas to get the 'Precious Metals' look for the #SunMet
Keep it simple. (Instagram/mirmua)

Bold: for someone who wants to make a bit of a statement with makeup but not have it take attention away from their outfit I would do a chromed lip, this can be achieved easily with some metallic pigment mixed with clear lip gloss. Think molten metal lips.

boldmakeup - Makeup ideas to get the 'Precious Metals' look for the #SunMet
Bold lips. (Picture supplied)

Completely Over The Top: now if you want to go big and have the makeup be the main attraction of your getup then you have to whip out the gold leaf. Think gilded lids, brows and cheekbones… literally!   You can get it at most craft shops and it’s easy to attach to the skin with eyelash glue. Apply the glue in the area you want to apply the gold leaf and then leave it to get tacky, it should be almost clear, then apply the gold leaf as you wish. Tip: smaller pieces are easier to manage.

ottmakeup - Makeup ideas to get the 'Precious Metals' look for the #SunMet
Gold-foiled eyes. (Picture supplied)

SunMetAfricanLuxuryPreciousMetals1 - Makeup ideas to get the 'Precious Metals' look for the #SunMet

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