‘Loud’ Blac Chyna angered hotel guests

Blac Chyna angered hotel guests in Hawaii after acting inappropriately.

The ‘Rob and Chyna’ star reportedly infuriated guests by being "loud and obnoxious" by the pool at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Honolulu, Hawaii.

A source told People magazine: "They hung out by the pool, partied and were loud. They are not the typical hotel guests. They were definitely being inappropriate in several ways. The girls were showing nipples, they were twerking and just being obnoxious. Hotel management had complaints, because there were families with kids that didn’t like the way they behaved."

Later that day, the police were called to Chyna’s hotel room after she got into a fight with her boyfriend Kid Buu.

Sources said at the time that Chyna scratched Kid Buu, and he is alleged to have then slammed her against a wall several times and choked her, prompting someone to call for emergency services.

The Honolulu Police Department confirmed in a statement: "Shortly before 9 a.m. today, a female visitor staying in Waikiki reported being assaulted by a male acquaintance. The victim reported that she and the suspect had been involved in an argument several hours earlier, and the argument had escalated to a physical confrontation. The male left the area after the confrontation and has not been located. This incident has been classified as abuse of a household member. The investigation is continuing, and no further information is being released at this time."

News of the row comes after it was revealed Chyna’s former partner, Rob Kardashian, was "mad" at his ex-fiancee because she left their daughter Dream with a nanny instead of in his care while she went away.

A source recently said: "Chyna planned on having Dream stay with a nanny in LA while she was in Hawaii. Rob is mad because if either parent is out of town, the other parent is supposed to have the option to keep Dream longer.

"Rob doesn’t want Dream to stay alone with a nanny while Chyna parties in Hawaii. This is what he is mad about. She needs to tell him when she won’t be in LA so Rob can keep Dream longer. Rob is getting his lawyer involved."

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