LOOK: NZ pop singer Kelsy Karter gets Harry Styles’ face tattooed on her cheek

Kelsy Karter has had Harry Styles’ face tattooed on her cheek after previously saying she is desperate to record a song on his next album, reports dailymail.co.uk.

The inking was done by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste and the New Zealand born, Los Angeles-based singer, 24, shared the results on Instagram, writing: "Mama, look what I made me do."

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mama, look what i made me do

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The singer, who has written a song for Zayn Malik, 26, had hinted on Twitter earlier this month that she was planning to do something for 24-year-old Styles’ birthday, which falls on February 1. 

She wrote: "Finally know what I’m getting Harry for his birthday….".

The singer also recently tweeted: "It’s 2019 and Harry Styles is still the best -looking human."

It is not known if the two artists are friends or if they even met, but did explain why she loves him last July.

She said: "What I love about him from a professional standpoint is that he was the poppiest of pop stars, and then he went off on his own and made a classic rock album. 

"For someone like me who wants to live in that world who hasn’t been in a boy band, he has opened the door for me. He’s introduced the kids to the kind of music I want to make."


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