LOOK: Nandi Madida’s hottest hairstyles

Local singer and  actress, Nandi Madida is turning 32 on Friday (March 20) and we’re all invited to her party. 

The model and television presenter from Maphumulo, KwaZulu-Natal could not host a proper party due to the covid-19 outbreak so she’s having an online party because  President Cyril Ramaphosa clearly stated than no gatherings of more than 100 people should be held. 
But first, let’s look at her hottest hairstyles. The founder of Colour Fashion, a bespoke African power suits for females is known for rocking exotic short haircuts and daring head wraps and these are our favourites. 

Pink hair

Madida is currently rocking pink short hair and we’re loving it. 

The doek

The "Gangster Love" hitmaker is one women who puts respect in the doek. Big ups. 

Brave in bronze

Madida is very fond of daring hairstyles and this bronze shells hat takes the cup.

Below are the details for Madida’s party tonight. 

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