LOOK: Mom grieving for son, 5, killed in house robbery

Johannesburg – The image of their five-year-old son’s pyjamas soaked in blood will haunt Sophie Lweganwa Fikirini and her husband for the rest of their lives.

“We cannot believe that our only precious son is gone just like that,” said a tearful Sophie.

The Joburg mother of one and her husband are battling to come to terms with the murder of their son Ethan, who was shot dead last weekend at their home in a complex in Craigavon, Fourways, during a house robbery.

At around 8pm last Sunday, three armed robbers broke into the couple’s home.

Sophie was cooking dinner and her husband watching TV in the lounge when the three men broke a glass door to their home, gaining entry.

They ransacked the house and shot Ethan before fleeing.

“They took everything in our home freely and killed our son with his little pyjamas on,” said Sophie.

He had just bathed, got into his pyjamas, and was playing with his toys in his room upstairs when the incident occurred.

Ethan was rushed to the nearest hospital, where he died a day later.

“Ethan managed to survive two surgeries before he passed on.

“His first surgery was successful and when the doctor came out to say Eth is breathing himself, that was the best news I have ever received.

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“After the second surgery, the bleeding was too much, however. My son had suffered severe internal injuries to the extent (that) blood was not clotting, and that is what led to his death.

“The doctor called myself and my husband to come and say our last goodbyes to our son while his heartbeat was going down. It was the most horrible thing to see.

“I never imagined in my whole life (that) Eth would leave us. I always imagined seeing myself die at a late age and leave Eth as an independent grown man but I was wrong. I was lying to myself.”

“We aren’t able to cope with the situation, and this all really feels like a dream. We find ourselves crying all the time,” said Fikirini.

“Maybe we could have done something extra to save our son’s life a lot is going on in our minds.”

Sophie described her son as shy, intelligent, affectionate and friendly.

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“He had (a) missing baby teeth and always loved to cuddle with mommy.

“The life of our little sweet boy was cut short. The light candle of happiness into our little family was shot to death.

“Eth will always live in my heart. I have lost a child, I hear myself say and make peace within my heart. The little boy I’m standing next to has just left me alone in the midst of darkness.

“I have lost someone very special, my joy, my happiness, my friend and my protector.”

Meanwhile, police have confirmed they have launched a manhunt for the three unknown men who killed Ethan.

Captain Mpho Tshetlane, spokesperson for the Douglasdale police station, said: “It is alleged that the suspects broke into the house and a scuffle ensued between the suspects and the occupants of the house.

“The suspects then took a TV and three cellphones before they fled the scene.

“Later on, the parents of a five-year-old boy realised that he was shot in the upper body during the scuffle. He was rushed to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Tshetlane confirmed that no one had been arrested and that police investigations were continuing.

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