LOOK: ‘I am an African’ exhibition opens in Durban

DURBAN – An art exhibition seeking to highlight social inequality and promote African identity has opened at the Durban Art Gallery. 

Titled "I am an African", artworks are presented in clay, paint and other forms.  

According to publicist Yaya Mavundla, the exhibition has been arranged by the KZN Department of Arts and Culture and features five artists from the Umkhanyakude District, on the north coast. 

The exhibition poses questions about background, cultural and social standing and the true definition of being African, said Mavundla.  

"Our identities differ according to our mindsets, those who were affected by oppression and apartheid would classify Africans by colour and those born into the free world classify African by continental demographics. Who and what defines us as African?" said Mavundla. 

She said the exhibition explores the identity of the artists by exposing their truths and their cultural and religious beliefs. 

"It showcases stories that are intertwined by similarities of deep rural backgrounds, poverty, oppression, abuse and cultural views to an uprooting to power and courage. Each piece brings one into the artist’s world so that one gets a deeper understanding of what it means to be an African through their eyes," said Mavundla. 

 African News Agency (ANA)

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