Local celebs rally behind #CasterSemenya

Caster Semenya received immense support amid the court battle with International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The South African middle-distance runner and the two-time Olympic champion is currently fighting her case in Switzerland involving the IAAF regulations that she must medication that would reduce her natural levels of testosterone.

Semenya is appealing a ruling from the IAAF ruling that demands that women athletes with naturally elevated testosterone take certain suppressants if they want to continue to compete.

Celebrities, friends and fans including local actress Nomzamo Mbatha, music producer DJ Black Coffee and media personality Mzilikazi wa Afrika took to different social media platforms to lend their support to Semenya.

“When your roots are so deep, there is no reason to fear the wind." ~ African Proverb #HandsOffCaster let’s stand together and support our national heroine @caster800m,” wrote Mzilikazi wa Afrika."

“#HandsOffCaster @caster800m to quote Serena “I’ve personally faced gender & other forms of discrimination. The feelings of victimization, confusion, hurt & utter helplessness you’re reduced to, give rise rise to your inner strength to fight on as the fight is bigger than you,” added Nomzamo Mbatha.

“Strength  @caster800m we are behind you,” tweeted Black Coffee.

102084932 - Local celebs rally behind #CasterSemenya
Caster - Local celebs rally behind #CasterSemenya
1550478787863 - Local celebs rally behind #CasterSemenya
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