Laugh out loud with Tumi Morake and Ndumiso Lindi

In a slightly different take on a comedy show, comedians Ndumiso Lindi and Tumi Morake tackle marriage and relationships.

The pothole-laced lockdown comedy show “Married, But Not To Each Other: Lockdown Edition” deals with the roles and regulations of having a partner.

The show comes to viewers in the comfort of their homes on August 9.

The concept of the show came about when the two were travelling on a comedy adventure and were asked by a customs official: “Are you married?”, to which Ndumiso replied: “Yes!”, realised what he was saying and added: “But not to each other.” And thus, began this comical journey for this wife and husband…of other people!

The show is not just about marriage, it’s about the world that these relationships have to survive in.

Their unique brands of humour paired with their own risqué and hilarious experiences in marriage and romance makes for memorable viewing.

Lindi’s style of comedy is more of a storyteller.

“I do observational comedy, talk about things that people can relate to but take for granted sometimes. It’s the truth in the subject. Because they can relate to what we’re talking about and in their minds they’re asking themselves how did they miss that. It’s like we teleport an audience member back to that moment they experienced what we’re talking about. Also it’s the magic combination of delivery and timing,” he said.

He said the audience can expect a great date night filled with laughter and in some cases knowledge.

“This is a show for everyone. Whether you’re married or single, you will find something that speaks to you,”.

“Married But Not To Each Other: Lockdown Edition” will be an online broadcast at 8pm and carries a PG-16 restriction.

Tickets at R80 are available on Hero Ticket.

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