Lalla Hirayama speaks out against ‘racist remarks’ regarding Covid-19

Local presenter Lalla Hirayama has spoken out against racist remarks she’s had to deal with during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Taking to her Twitter page on Tuesday, the "LallaLand" star said: "I’m so tired of all the racist remarks I’ve had to deal with during this time. I’m exhausted. 

"Honestly. I get why you nervous right now, but then ask If we’ve been traveling… I’ve been treating like dirt so many times my heart hurts. Please just stop #Coronavirussouthafrica"

Twitter user @Jayvee_josh responded to her tweet and excused their "racist remarks" since they were thinking of their health and avoided a Chinese person coming from the gym because of it. 

Hirayama responded to @Jayvee_josh and said: "Where to start? You saw a Chinese guy? How did you know he was Chinese? If ppl called you Nigerian because you are black would they be presumptuous or? This Asian person may not have traveled in years. His whole family could be SA and could very well not have travelled in years".

She continued: "You should not have gone to gym yesterday in the first place! Not because you saw some Asian guy. Because HUMANS are all susceptible to this virus. Corona may have come from China but it’s not racist like you and doesn’t only infect white and Asian people!!"

Hirayama goes on to mention that everyone is being affected by the coronavirus outbreak, and while not enough black people travel, it was ignorant of the user to make such a statement. 

She ended her Twitter thread by saying that while the system has failed us, it’s not a good enough excuse anymore for making ignorant statements.

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