Lady Zamar slams SA government for looting Covid-19 funds

The South African government has come under scrutiny for corruption related to Covid-19 funding and local stars are concerned as millions of people across the country are suffering while officials are living their best lives.

Lady Zamar joins a string of celebs, including Cassper Nyovest and AKA, who spoke up about the long-lasting effects of Covid-19 on the society.

While AKA recently raised their concerns about the ban of alcohol, calling out the government for the many job losses in the dire economy, Lady Zamar slammed the government for allegedly looting funds.

Taking to social media over the weekend, the “Collide” hitmaker expressed her disappointment at government officials who are reportedly stealing funding that is meant to assist many South Africans who are hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “Sometimes you wonder if people who steal funds meant for impoverished and disadvantaged people understand that by their actions they’re pointing a loaded gun at the people who need those funds…”

The star continued blasting the government about assisting the poor and posed a series of questions: “We’re going thru a lot yes… COVID19 is affecting the global economy but developing countries are casualties in so many other different ways… People who struggled to make ends meet before? What’s happening now? And what is being done to assist families going hungry right now?”

Though many industries including the entertainment scene have slowly opened up after President Cyril Ramaphosa eased the lockdown regulations, many people are still affected by job losses and lack of income.

Taking to Twitter recently, Cassper expressed his concern for his fellow artists, he said: “Many people in our industry are going to lose their homes and their cars because nobody was prepared for a year with no income and watch what the media is going do with our stats.

“They’re going paint them like dumb people who never knew what to do with all their riches. MARK MY WORDS!!!”

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