KZN grandmother, 75, dies after snakebite

Durban – A venomous snake, believed to be a black mamba, killed a Parlock, Durban, grandmother as she was having supper at her home last week.

Saroj Naidoo, 75, was bitten last Tuesday and spent three days on a ventilator at eThekwini Hospital and Heart Centre before she succumbed to her injury.

The search is on for the snake, estimated to be 2.5m long, which was spotted in the family’s yard days after it struck.

The victim’s son, Revandra Naidoo, said his mother had left the kitchen door open and was unaware the snake had slithered in. He said it bit her on the ankle and his father, Bobby, 76, heard her scream and ran into the kitchen.

“My dad found her lying on the floor, struggling to breathe, and the snake was on top of her.”

Bobby grabbed the snake and flung it into the yard. He called neighbours to assist and they contacted paramedics.

The mother of three was placed on a ventilator and given an anti-venom injection. “She spent three days on a ventilator and during this time, she suffered two heart attacks. She died on Friday.”

Naidoo said the snake was spotted on Sunday.

“We believe it is living in an electricity power box near our home. We suspect there is also a nest.”

A snake catcher, he said, was expected to search for it yesterday.

Naidoo said he wanted it caught and re-homed elsewhere, away from people.


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