Kid Fonque talks about his new TV show ‘True Music Sessions’

Radio personality Kid Fonque has just bagged a new music show on Channel O, "True Music Sessions".

 We caught up with him. 

How and where did the concept of Kid Fonque Presents Ballantine’s True Music Sessions come about? 

I have my own radio show on 5FM called "Selective Styles" where I play undiscovered, sometimes unreleased music from South African independent electronic artists weekly. The radio show has grown such a cult following that I thought it would be a great idea to bring the same feel to TV, showcase incredible producers from South Africa, not making hit music and give them a platform through discussion and performance on TV and online.  
How would you describe this show to someone who has not seen it yet?

It is a deep look at the independent electronic music scene in South Africa. It is a TV show showcasing artists making true music, not meant for radio but for a niche listener globally. These are the producer’s who are putting South Africa on the map globally.  The show consists of in-depth conversations and live performances from each guest weekly.
What are some of the subject matters you touch on with your guests?

The music industry is a difficult industry to be in if you are not a hit maker, so the discussion points are around the drive each artist has to keep on the road, to stay true to their vision and what it takes for them to make what they make as producers.
How were the guests selected?

I have been in the music industry for over 20 years, running Soul Candi as a label manager earlier on in my career and now running two of my own record labels and the weekly radio show. So I used all of this knowledge and experience to choose my guests. 
I based the list on who is really doing exciting independent music that is connecting with an international audience, and artists that are ignoring the trends and creating what is truly in them.
Why do you think a show like this is important for SA?

I grew up listening to very underground independent music and I soon realised there is no real home for these producers in South Africa. Radio is only interested in hits and the few specialist shows on radio also only focus on hits. 
So I have created a life around me where I get to support and put these artists on who are making otherworldly incredible music and give them a platform, whether its through my radio show, my two labels Stay True Sounds or STY TRU BTS its always been about exposing and shining a light on these acts.  
The TV show was the last piece of the puzzle in me being able to expose what’s really happening in the underground scene in SA.
*"True Music Sessions" airs on Channel O (Dstv Channel 320) on Thursday’s at 21h30. 
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