Khayelitsha Quadruplets: 4 Bundles Of Joy With ‘Distinct Personalities’

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A Khayelitsha woman who gave birth to quadruplets six months ago says they have settled in well and she has adapted to her new role as a mom of four babies.

Inga Mafenuka gave birth to two boys and two girls at Tygerberg Hospital last July.

It was her first pregnancy and happened naturally without any help from fertility treatments or hormones.

The Western Cape Health Department says spontaneous quadruplet pregnancies are an exceptional occurrence, with a reported incidence of one in 512,000.

Now six months later, Eyewitness News visits Mafenuka and her babies at their Khayelitsha home to see how they’re growing.

WATCH: Khayelitsha quadruplets doing well at home

Dressed in blue and white dresses, babies Bunono and Bungcwele lie on a chair while their brothers Bubele and Buchule are on a couch opposite them dressed in matching yellow babygrows.

The quadruplets live with their mother, their grandmother and aunt at a house in Site C in Khayelitsha.

Born at 29 weeks via C-section, their weight ranged between 830 grams and just over a kilo resulting in the infants having to stay at the hospital for nearly two months.

And while the tiny tots might look alike, their mom says at just over six months old, they each have distinct personalities.

“Bunono likes mocking her brothers and sister, and her sister Bungcwele is a diva. She loves attention all for herself. Buchule is the quiet and the sweetest one. Then Bubele, he has all their personalities in one.”

Mafenuka says she appreciates the help she has received from various organisations which have assisted her with monthly with goods for the babies.


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