Keeping the music going with Berita

Berita is looking forward to a year full of good music.

The Thandolwethu singer releases a new single on Friday that she promises will be the beginning of even more great sounds.

“I want to release music and make people feel good, that’s why it’s important to release this song in January. My goal is to make people make memories. I feel like I have done that before with Thandolwethu, Found You and Ezizweni. I’ve had people come up to me saying they named their children after a song I wrote or remember how a certain song made them feel.”

Through her independent record company Assali Music, the musician says she is now in a position to grow as a young businesswoman.

“A lot of up-and-coming young artists come up to me and tell me about the things they are going through. Now that I have learnt so much, I want other young women to look at me and be able to see that they can achieve what they want to.”

The singer noted that travelling through the continent had taught her a lot about how similar humans are, no matter which part of Africa they were from.

“We are not different. The struggles we are facing are African struggles. When I share my story as a young woman and I share my journey of love, heartbreak and life, it’s interesting that someone in, say, Kenya will resonate with what I am saying.”

Her new song the country will be hearing from today is called Ngicel’ iKiss, and it’s right on time for the month of love.

“Last year was about me growing as an artist, and I ended the year by recording this song. It is important, not only as a love song ahead of Valentine’s Day but there is so much happening in our country. Last year there were so many challenges, especially with women who were abused by men.

"This is a song that’s telling people that all you have to do is ask for affection. It’s a wonderful thing to see a mother and her child embrace; a kiss is a simple act of love.”

As she gets the music going, the main thing Berita wants to focus on is love.

“I want to make songs that will be soundtracks to memories in 2019.”

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