Israel’s Netanyahu in quarantine after Covid-19 exposure

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By Sputnik

Moscow – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday he had entered a quarantine until Friday after contact with a Covid-19 carrier.

“In accordance with the guidelines, I am entering quarantine until Friday. I feel excellent. Today and yesterday, I underwent two negative coronavirus tests. I continue working around the clock to bring millions of vaccines to the citizens of Israel and strengthen our economy. Follow the guidelines and stay healthy!” Netanyahu said on Twitter.

The contact with the coronavirus carrier was reported by Netanyahu’s office.

Netanyahu has been forced into quarantine several times since the start of the pandemic due to similar reasons.

Last week, the first doses of a vaccine against Covid-19 produced by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German firm BioNTech arrived in Israel. In total, the Israeli government has signed a deal for 8 million doses of the vaccine, which is already being used in the United Kingdom.

Israel has also concluded deals with other manufacturers, including the US firm Moderna, for other candidate vaccines. On November 1, clinical trials for Israel’s domestically produced vaccine against the coronavirus disease began.

Since the start of the pandemic, more than 357 000 positive tests for Covid-19 have been registered in Israel, resulting in the deaths of about 3 000 people.

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