‘Isithembiso’ star Tiisetso Thoko’s excited about upcoming project

Tiisetso Thoka is hitting the ground running this year.

As one of the front-runners in the acting arena, the "Isithembiso" star has a few surprises up his sleeve.

“I have a couple of surprises for the people out there. There’s a film coming up and I’ll be going back to Isithembiso for season three, which I’m excited about.”

He also starts shooting with one of the popular soapies next month, and is working on a 26-part project.

Thoka gained popularity playing a herd boy in the local drama series The Herd, which has a supernatural storyline. His acting prowess was hailed on social media after each episode.

“That role is by far the most challenging for me. I had sleepless nights. I went to KZN to understand the role of a herd man, and to find out about witchcraft.”

Thoka says he is also excited about the second instalment of The Herd that is coming soon, and is looking forward to yet another riveting season. “Season one of The Herd was well received so we hope season two will be a hit, too.

“From now going forward, I’m looking for roles that are more challenging, so that I can put in more work.”

The former YoTV presenter has enjoyed other TV roles, in Gold Diggers, Nkululeko and in season two of The Imposter.

Thoka recently sealed a partnership with Vodacom as a brand ambassador.

On how the deal came about, he insists it was his dynamic persona that got him hand-picked from a pool of hopefuls including some of Mzansi’s crème de la crème.

“I was on set shooting The Imposter (drama series). They auditioned more than 2000 people, including celebrities, and they didn’t find the person they wanted. At the time I didn’t even know Vodacom was looking for a brand ambassador. I went to the audition and I was told, ‘this is the energy we’re looking for.’

“Since then, Vodacom has been keeping me on my toes with the activations across the country.”

He is looking forward to juggling all his projects and sees it as a welcome challenge. “I meditate. I hardly party or attend social events, and I train a lot.”

The fitness fanatic also revealed that he will be opening a theatre and fitness centre in his hometown of Ga-Mphahlele in Limpopo.

“I’m currently in talks with the government and other stakeholders to revamp an old community centre in my hometown and turn it into fitness and recreational centre.”

Thoka, who discovered his passion for acting through theatre at the age of 12, says he wants to ensure other young people are afforded similar opportunities.

“I want to create a theatre space in the centre where acting classes will be held and young people would have the opportunity to do what they love.

“We also want to encourage young people to stay away from crime and drugs such as nyaope – the use of such drugs is increasing, even in rural communities.”

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