Isaacs keeps it in the ‘family’ in ‘3 days To Go’

Biance Isaacs took the director’s seat in the coming film 3 Days To Go, a gripping local story about four grown siblings who return to their childhood home after five years to bury their father.

Starring Bollywood actress Lillete Dubey, along with some of South Africa’s leading actors – Leeanda Reddy in the lead, Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Jailoshini Naidoo, Tumi Morake, Kajal Bagwandeen, Ashish Gangapersad, Rahul Brijnath, Zakeeya Patel, Pranesh Maharaj and newcomer Kiara Govender – the film was released nationwide on Friday, January 25.

Isaacs is an award-winning producer and writer and has created a career in storytelling with acclaimed drama series such as Umilio, Swartwater, Kruispad and Getroud Met Rugby.

Her filmography includes Inexba (The Wound), Kings of Mulberry, The Jakes Are Missing, Comatose and Between Friends. We chatted to her about the film.

Tell us more about the storyline? 

The film is about a family that comes together when their father dies. And like all families it can’t just be about the funeral. It’s about the whole family and their issues – everything except the funeral.

Why did you want to tell this story?

All families are crazy and no family is perfect (including mine). So I wanted to write a story about family.

3daysToGo - Isaacs keeps it in the 'family' in '3 days To Go'
The cast of 3 Days to Go. Picture: Supplied

Tell us about the film’s themes?

I wanted to show audiences that family issues are global – no matter your race, gender, age or the country you come from – you would have experienced some of these issues or know someone in your family who is like one the characters in the film.

You produced many movies. How different is this one compared to the likes of Inxeba or The Jakes Are Missing?

The Jakes I produced and Inxeba I was one of many co-producers but for this film I just directed and it’s a complete experience.

You’re just making this film. You come to set every day, work with the actors and crew just to make this product. Whereas when I produce I have to oversee everything in a day and sometimes across multiple projects.

How relatable is the film?

Extremely relatable. Everyone has a family, by blood or other bonds – and none of us is perfect but we make it work because in the end we only have each other.

What can the audience expect from this offering?

I hope the audience see this original South African film and know that local films can make you laugh and cry just like any other international film. I would like for the audience to fill up the cinemas, appreciate the film and come back to watch it again.

How was it working with such class actors?

It was amazing. I got to work with some of the best actors in this country – who are extremely talented and brought their A game every day. I also go to work with international actress Lillete Dubey, who was a pleasure. We created a fabulous bond and it worked for us and the project. We became a family.

Did you follow any guideline or did you do what felt right?

There are no guidelines – it all depends on the story you are telling and the team supporting you. Write a good script, do what feels right when you are shooting, honour the story and learn how to change things on the fly. Sometimes what works on paper doesn’t translate easily on screen so you need to be ready to roll with the punches.

What are working on at the moment?

I am working on two films. One is a total chick-flick that goes into production 2020 – I might direct it. And the second feature is a fun teenage film also going into production 2020. I will be producing this one, with Gregory Mthanji as the director.



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