Instagram pic of the week: Lago di Tovel

One of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, Lago di Tovel makes for the perfect photo. Surrounded by mountains in a beautiful and picturesque nature reserve, it is also an ideal place to visit if you’re in need of some quiet time.

This image, posted by Artur Atta, displays the kind of tranquility that makes it appear the perfect place to spend what’s left of the month of January.

A wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, Lago di Tovel is recognised the world over for its significance. sums it up well, "There is a special air of serenity about lakes, especially if they’re in the mountains. It is as if they are the laid-back hippie mamas, while the harsh mountains are their protectors. They appear even calmer in comparison to their friend rivers, which are too restless to stay in the mountains because they’re on their own journey."

INSTAPICOFTHEWEEK - Instagram pic of the week: Lago di Tovel

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