Instagram inspiration ahead of #BakingDay

You don’t have to search far and wide on Instagram to find baking inspiration.

Friday 17 May is World #BakingDay and there are many pastry chefs, bloggers and home cooks who are proudly displaying their bakes and baking hacks on Instagram.

It’s great to scroll through the pics and watch those soothing how-to videos but every once in a while it spurs you on to whip up something in your own kitchen.

Katelyn Williams

Katelyn is a food stylist, blogger and author and her Instagram feed should be your first stop if you’re looking for baking inspiration that includes chocolate.

Williams won the Best South African food blog in 2017 and she is the local authority on all things chocolate and how to get the best out of your chocolatey bakes.

Frank Adrian Barron

Barron will have you drooling and daydreaming about all those colourful and delicate French patisserie you see in Paris.

Nicknamed "CakeBoy" Barron moved from the USA to France and embraced all the best bakes and now passes it on in his curated workshops but also on his Instagram page

Molly Yeh

Molly is the host of Girl Meets Farm which is a Food Network show which allows us into her farm life – and how she moved from the city to the farm.

She cooks and bakes, but as Molly writes on her website: "The farm life is pretty swell: i get to bake all day with wheat from our fields, hang out with my little flock of chickens, and hunker down for some very extreme (but cozy!) winters."

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