Inmate at Leeuwkop killed while trying to knife fellow prisoner

Cape Town – An inmate was killed after a scuffle broke out at Leeuwkop Medium A Correctional Centre in Gauteng on Monday evening.

Department of Correctional Services (DCS) spokesperson Logan Maistry said the department has launched an investigation following a security-related incident at Leeuwkop Medium A Correctional Centre on Monday, where an inmate, sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment for housebreaking and theft, died after allegedly attempting to stab a fellow offender with a self-made knife.

The South African Prisoners Organisation for Human Rights president, Golden Miles Bhudu, alleged that prisoner Sizwe Mhlongo was beaten to death by prison bouncers.

Bhudu said Mhlongo’s death was brought to his attention by a concerned correctional services officer who told him that an inmate was assaulted by the 26 gang.

“He (Mhlongo) in return stabbed a non-gang member, that subsequently led to him being beaten to death,” Bhudu said.

He said they were told that the ordeal lasted for more than an hour. The South African Sentenced and Awaiting Trial Prisoners Organisation chairperson, Phindile Zweni, called on the police to investigate.

Maistry said in the ensuing scuffle, correctional services officials had to intervene and disarm the perpetrator. He was taken for medical treatment, but later died.

She said the department conveyed it’s condolences to the prisoner’s family.

“The matter has been reported to the relevant authorities, and an investigation is under way.”


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