IEC: 20 Voters Arrested For Fraud – But Votes Still Count

IEC ballot box - IEC: 20 Voters Arrested For Fraud – But Votes Still Count

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) in KwaZulu-Natal (IEC) has confirmed 20 suspects have been arrested for alleged involvement in double voting.

“Police are indicating that there may be 17 suspects in Dannhauser and two in Hluhluwe and the one person in Potchefstroom,” said deputy provincial electoral officer Mawethu Mosery.

It said those suspected of voting more than once were reported to the police by electoral officials.

But for now, those votes would be included in the count as there was no way of identifying them.

Mosery said the commission might have to consider a live voters’ roll and universal ID scanners going forward.

“The scanner was never designed to be live. Future technology that we’re considering, around the voters’ roll, is definitely going to be able to provide us with that online facility.”

The commission said it remained committed to transparency and would address any contraventions of the Electoral Code.

It received seven official objections regarding voter irregularities, which were under investigation.

On Wednesday, voters and politicians posted photos and videos on social media, complaining of possible voter fraud.

Some complained that voter boxes were being transported without police overseeing the process. Other voters said the ink marking could be removed easily and scanners were not working properly, with some people claiming they could vote twice.

The commission said it would conduct a small-scale audit to determine the extent of alleged irregularities in Wednesday’s poll after meeting with angry party leaders on Thursday morning.


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