’I prayed my way through my Covid-19 journey ’

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Cape Town – It was scary.

So described Covid-19 survivor Amy Louw the feeling when she arrived at the Brackengate Hospital of Hope Intermediate Care Facility, and saw the many infected patients.

“I was lying there, and I looked at the people around me. There were so many old people. It’s very hard to fight Covid-19. All we can do is fight it and do our best to keep positive.

“At first, I remember feeling weak and I didn’t want to help myself but then I pushed myself. I’d say, ‘don’t give up, you can overcome’. I remember a doctor told me, ‘you can’t let this virus get to you, you’re young, don’t give up’.”

Louw works as an admin clerk at a local motoring company and first started feeling sick on November 25.

She said she suffered headaches, coughed a lot and had phlegm on her chest.

“I didn’t think I had Covid-19. I was hoping it would just be a flu. I was at work when I started to feel sick. I could still taste and I could still smell. It became bad the next day.

“My taste went away and I couldn’t smell. I was sent home. I was tested on Friday, November 27, and received the positive result on November 28.

“I first went to Panorama Medi-clinic and I was later transferred to Brackengate Hospital of Hope. I was surprised to see so many other people who had Covid-19 like me. It was scary,” she said.

When she arrived at the Brackengate Hospital of Hope, staff assisted her in the admissions area.

Louw said she found comfort in prayer, video calls with her family, and the support provided by staff at the hospital.

She recalled feeling anxious during her 10-day stay when she had to receive oxygen support.

“The doctors and nurses at Brackengate Hospital of Hope were very helpful. They checked on me every 30 minutes. I could ask them anything and they’d do it. They helped me to recover and supported me during this scary journey.”

She received oxygen support for five days during her admission and says she was relieved to finally breathe on her own.

“I just started praying, I prayed my way through Covid-19. On the sixth day I recovered well enough for the oxygen to be turned off and I realised I could breathe on my own again. It was such a happy moment for me. Before that, I would take 10 steps and I was out of breath.”

Louw enjoys her social life but said Covid-19 has changed the way she lives.

“I don’t want to step out of the house. I used to be very social but with Covid-19 I am indoors a lot. I live with my parents and siblings and my other family members have not visited yet, but we keep in touch via video calls or messaging.

“Remember, it’s not necessary to go to events. Things are really bad out there with this virus. Please stay home if you can, be safe, wear your mask and keep 1.5 m from other people if you have to go out.

“Wear your mask and not only around your mouth. It needs to cover your nose too. This virus is terrible, and we need to be safe. Please don’t remove your mask in public.”

Cape Times

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