How to plan a day trip to the Midlands

The Midlands in KwaZulu-Natal has always been a special place for me. It is a destination where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and offers a range of great activities for the entire family. 

Just an hour and a half drive from Durban, travellers will be bowled over by the scenic views along the journey. Whether you do something adventurous or tuck into their vast food options, there’s something for everyone. 

Here are some tips: 

Start the journey on time: While a lie in during the summer mornings may seem tempting, a trip to the Midlands should start early. 
Why do you ask? Well, for one there is no traffic, and the open road gives you the chance to marvel at the scenic views ahead. It also gives you more time at the destination before it’s time to head back home. 

Pack snacks: No road trip is complete without some snacks. Besides providing you with the necessary energy to continue the journey, it also is a nice excuse to picnic somewhere with a view.  

Make detours: The route to the Midlands offers a range of unique experiences. Whether you stop to take a selfie at the Howick Falls or grab breakfast at the Midlands Kitchen, there’s plenty to see along the way. 

Say yes to adventures: Midlands is home to an assortment of activities, from Hot-Air Ballooning, mountain biking, paragliding and canoeing. Gather around your crew and tick off a bucket list activity. 

Book restaurant and activities before you go: Midlands has become a popular destination for travellers, so places get fully booked quite fast. If you know the places you want to visit, it is best to secure your booking as soon as you can. 

Midlands4 - How to plan a day trip to the Midlands

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