How to care for your skin while travelling

Long-distance air travel can be very hard on the skin, with dehydration, temperature changes, lack of sleep and poor diet all taking it’s toll. 

Hopping on and off planes and sleeping in a different bed every night can interfere with a beauty regime. Some savvy South African travellers share their tips on how to keep your skin looking fabulous and fresh.

 Essential skincare products to pack:

Beauty blogger Siobhan Yeatman of sugarspiceblog2 always packs three must-haves: a great cleanser, a deep moisturiser and baby wipes. 

“Keep it simple but use good-quality products that will never let you down,” she advises. She loves Nikel’s Cleansing Milk with Immortelle because it’s both nourishing and gentle on the skin – both vital in the dehydrating artificial climate of an aeroplane. 
“It doesn’t strip or irritate my skin, so it’s perfect for the harshness of travelling,” she says. 

She’s also a fan of all-natural Face Cream, a luxurious moisturiser that’s light enough to be used both day and night. “I just love the beautiful scent from the orange oil,” she says. And the baby wipes? “They’re not only gentle on your skin, but have many other uses when travelling,” Yeatman says. 

Managing skincare while on the move
Give your skin some extra TLC the night before you leave on your trip, to help prepare it to weather the harsh environment in the plane. 

The night before, gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells, allowing your skin to get the most out of your moisturiser. Then use a replenishing mask for deep moisturising and nourishment.

When you’re on your way, take steps to combat the main enemy of skin while travelling: dehydration

Beauty and travel influencer Nasiphi Ngcwabe, says a  travel-sized Primrose Oil is good for a boost of moisture. 

“I just add a few drops to my moisturiser and it really helps to fight off dryness, inflammation and stress,"  says Ngcwabe. 
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