#HoerskoolDriehoek gets green light to resume schooling

Johannesburg – Grade 12 learners at Hoërskool Driehoek are expected to resume their schooling on Wednesday after the Department of Labour declared some sections of the building safe to use.

The department released a structural assessment report on the building on Monday and gave the school approval to use the administration block, the hall, gymnasium and a block of classes.

Gauteng Department of Education’s Steve Mabona said there would also be a parents’ meeting on Wednesday.

"On Wednesday, the Grade 12s will resume classes on a lower scale; they won’t be doing all subjects. The Grade 11s will resume on Thursday and other grades will be back on Monday.

"There will be temporary structures to accommodate the learners," Mabona said.

A walkway at the Vaal school collapsed on Friday and resulted in the deaths of four pupils. Many others were injured.

Engineers from the Department of Labour went to the school on Saturday to do a structural assessment to help authorities know which parts of the schools were safe to use so that a determination could be made on when schooling could resume.

Mabona said investigations into what led to the collapse of the walkway were still continuing.

"Investigations into the integrity of the walkway itself are ongoing and a report on that would be released later."

Twenty children are still in the hospital and Mabona said the department was still in talks with the families of the deceased pupils to see what kind of assistance it can offer.

Staff and pupils are being provided with counselling.

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IMG 21921 WA25 - #HoerskoolDriehoek gets green light to resume schooling
WhatsAppImage219 1 18at1.2.1PM - #HoerskoolDriehoek gets green light to resume schooling
IMG 21921 WA25 - #HoerskoolDriehoek gets green light to resume schooling
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